Favourite New York Fall 2010 Collections

19 Feb

Marc Jacobs


I saw this show streamed live, however I’m sure that the effect in real life was much more enjoyable, and much more magical. Any who…

I adored this collection… this cozy warm neutral pallet and the dorky librarian-esque skirts and knits – this collection would be perfect in The Virgin Suicides. To complete the wispy, magical, warm collection “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” was played while models marched down the catwalk.


A whimsical collection full of intresting, unique prints. I found this designer a few monthes ago, and I was delighted to find that they’ve got a bit more attention. Overall a fun, delightful collection.

 Devi Kroell

Love the light, airy spiderweb-esque clothing, and the rich hued marble pants. A much more gothic collection, compared to Kroell’s past pieces.


 Not quite sure what draws my eye to Halston. Is it the straps? The upbeat colours? The simplicity? I don’t know, but I love it 😀


Amidst throngs of leather leggings and spiked heels, Alberta Ferreti presented a feminine, sweet, colonial collection. The first thing that drew my eye to this impeccable collection were the classic details and laces that haven’t walked the runway in a long time. A gorgeous collection.

BOY by Band of Outsiders

Not much to say about this collection, but I did like the nautical/preppy vibe and the shoes were ahhh~mazing.

Chris Benz

Okay, the dominance of mustard-y hues, oranges and primeval caveman accoutrements, meshed with retro cone bras and stillettos is truly… fierce? I’ve become quite a Benz junkie – he always uses hues a bit contrare to popular designers, and his collections always leave me willing to spend hundreds of dollars on one of his pieces

Oooh :* Evan L-something won US a gold in Men’s Figure Skating!

:* Yours truly,



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