get outta my chair!

9 Mar


When I first laid eyes on the G-Star collection I thought “Yellow! Blue! Bright! Like!”. Obviously my tastes in fashion are very deep, and well thought out. However, the blue and yellow reminded me of Coraline’s yellow jacket and blue hair, which reminded me that the movie was cool but the book was better (Where was the blobby, maggot other dad? Why was there a pumpkin dad in his stead?!) and the book just made me feel fuzzy and warm inside again. Thus, G-Star = Awesomeness!

BOY by Band of Outsiders

BOY made me think of wild-child teens decked out in 70’s accoutrements, mixed with a grayer version of Blair Waldorf (I can’t believe I’m saying that). Also, yachts off the coast of New England. Yachts that well-to-do 50’s girls with nice cardigans (and poufed bobs, and pearl earrings) wrapped around their shoulders ride. They eat finger sandwiches and scream when they see a spout of water. “Its a whale!”


Chloe reminded me of… guess what! LAST SEASON CELINE. Perhaps I’m being too skeptical or paranoid, but Chloe Fall 2010 looks eerily similar to Celine Spring 2010. I AM DISAPPOINTED HANNAH. I expect better from you Hannah (because obviously Hannah is reading this, and reeling over my harsh review) H., learn a lesson from Philo. You can still keep a brand style/aesthetic, but you can do so without being repetitive.

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs reminded me of old ladies, libraries on sunny days, golden summer-fall days, cups of hot cocoa, and sandy beaches. I am absolutely in love with this collection – “Over the Rainbow” suited this collection perfectly, as it was bliss. Plus, The Wizard of Oz is awesome! Team Jacobs FTW!


I am not a fan of Balmain, and I am using this blog as a conduit for my complaints. At first I was infatuated with Balmain – after all, I am easily lured in by sequins (sleazy salesmen, remember this!) but as I saw more and more of Blahmain, I was less impressed. Decarnin’s silhouette remains the same every season – sequined micro-mini with sharp shoulders, V-neck dress with slit up the side, or skinny jeans and a military jacket swathed in paraphernalia. The only thing that seems to change are the colour sequins used, and the minor adjustments – changes seem to constitute a “new theme” in D’s world. Really, Decarnin, a sparkly mini with a fringe does not equal New Idea! New Theme!!!! Balmain’s collections are the old pieces of salvaged leftovers rolled into a casserole, and presented as something fresh and new. Or the nasty hog anus and tail that is ground up, and squished into a hot dog.

Grr. That isn’t to say that I don’t give the guy some cred. He must have something, if the fashion world constantly goes gaga over his looks.

. Fauna

PS: Balenciaga

Art dork power.

Credits: G-Star, Celine, BOY by Band of Outsiders, Chloe, Balmain, Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga all via The rest was found on Google Images – all credit goes to original creators. Feel free to contact me if you want the picture taken off.


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