21 Mar

I never trusted male photographers. Y’know, the ones who shoot editorials of naked Vodianovas.

But then I dismissed my mistrust, because I thought I was being really stupid and naive.

But I really want to watch this documentary:

It looks like its only about weight, but according to some articles, it also addresses the violation of models – young girls being asked to do sexual deeds to get a job, girls being raped…

20 counts!

Shouldn’t this have put a damper on the Spring 2010 fashion weeks?! Shouldn’t people be shocked that models are violated like that?

I guess no one cares about the happiness and well-being of their own models.

I guess the designers, the models, the magazines, realize that their fashion industry is sick.

They live in a bubble. I guess I do too :/

I hope that the new generation entering the fashion biz will institute changes.


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