More Fall 2010

5 Apr

It JUST WON’T STOP DDD: Well, I am trying to sew (actually, opposite of that) this shirt… thingy, and when I stop being lazy (read: never!) I will post an outfit.

>> Moon Young Hee

AHHHRRRRGGGGG. Soon as I saw this I thought “Comme des Garcons + Yohji Yamamoto + Laura Ingalls Wilder!!!! VERY SUPE-RU CRIMU FIGHTING GIR!!!” (Further testament to my past anime addiction) You see, one night Rei and Yohji met up (Haha, that’s what she said) and since they were in NYC for whatever reason they decided to troll the clubs (Proof that I spend way too much time on the Internet). At 11 on the dot they entered a particularyly glitzy looking club, complete with 3 levels from which hung drunken clubbers, and a lit pool (Two very dangerous things to put in a building full of drunk dancers), whereupon they bumped into Laura Ingalls Wilder table-dancing in a ratty tank top.

And then the magic happened (…)

I haven’t written in a long time. You can tell.

>> Guy Laroche

I loved this piece! It was tres Killer Worms From Space! Synopsis: On the planet XXlgyr, in the distant future, humans are dominated by their evil worm masters. You could argue that the worms were there first, therefore it is their land, and their guushe and that the humans just popped in one day and started killing them without reason. However, these are humans, and humans never like to accept the glaring truths. Anyway, whenever a worm attacks a human colony (not often, as the worms are very scared of tulips, something humans have taken a liking to.) the inhabitants fight them off with UUYgh guns and Nitro-Laser-Blades. Once the carnage is past, they chop up the worm bodies, and turn them into clothes and such. Whomever has the most worm coats is the highest in the political and social scale, and gets a free ice cream from Dairy Queen every 14th of the month. Quite a deal indeed. This movie chronicles the life of the human JFDUDY as he rises from My-Brother-Gave-Me-A-Baby-Worm-Carcass to I-Killed-A-Thousand-Worms-and-I-Wasn’t-Even-Trying, while discovering important life truths like: The answer to any history question is “Trade” or “Bad Rulers”, 42 is the meaning of life and the bird is THE word.

But this worm coat also reminds me of a story closer to my heart *play soupy, remembering-the-past music* It was a balmy May day, and my friend and I had just completed the mile run. We were enjoying our lunches when, lo and behold! a nightcrawler! Since my friend and I were… interesting young children we quickly took to the nightcrawler like teenage girls to kittens, or babies (Y’know, the ones who get wicked obnoxious when they see a baby and erupt in some loud cooing, who ish da cootest baby talk fest) We held it in our hands, we pet it, we coo’d and aw’d at its slimy wonderful-ness, and, at that moment, a lovely young gentleman (read: A stupid ass) from room 5-15 walked up to us.


Feeling slighted, we rose to defend our wonderful worm. Namely, by throwing it at him. Horrified, he scurried away (back to his hole, no doubt).



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