Things to do During the Weekend

9 May

1.  Reminisce with friend about our last years of elementary school – 5th and 6th grade. SIGH. Those days were so free, and cathartic. It’s strange to think how I’ve changed so much in the past few years… admittedly, I am still weird and people STILL ASK IF I’M INSANE NO I’M NOT, but I no longer run up to random people and scream “REESSSEEEEEES!!!!” in their face. And I don’t throw worms at weenie pompous morons anymore. AND I certainly do not address a certain John as “Johnny Jumping Bean” anymore or dance the Ring-Around-the-Rosey at school dances (OK lies, I still do that. On the small chance that I actually GO to the dance) or tell mean people that their hair looks like a hurricane went through it (She deserved it.) I miss elementary – I miss having people refer to my friend and I as “X and Y” instead of just “X” or “Y”. Though the other day someone did say that I reminded them of one of my more… terrifying friends, which made me quite proud. >:D

2.  Watch ninja assassin movies. Kick Ass was bleh, the only good thing in that movie was HIT GIRL (*FANDOMIZE*) and Red Mist’s ludicrously cool hair. Number 9 was kind of a disappointment, but the amazing visuals/Seven (LIKE HIT GIRL WITHOUT GUNS)/post-apocalyptic world made up for it. I almost cried at the end, which is strange because I usually am quite cold-hearted and don’t cry. Hmmm. Leon was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC – I want to dress and act like Mathilda – she is the epitome of kewlerz. Her constant requests to be his lover remind me of my childhood days – trying to be more mature and grown-up than I was/ever will be. Ahhhhh… those were the good ol’ days.


A round of applause for bad photo-editing skillz please?

My mom was so mad when I bought this.

Today was not kimono-and-tshirt weather. I have serious issues with the weather – one day its 80 (with thunderstorms and hail), the next day its 40 and windy. WEATHER, WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE 60 WITH PARTIALLY CLOUDY SKYS AND A 5 MPH BREEZE, HUH?! Its not that  I mind windy days, but I’m tired of walking up the street fearing that I’ll go Splat! any minute. Also: leaves in eyes. Quite painful.

Its really hard to write something that doesn’t sound like a 7-year-old’s ramblings when one is listening to Lady Gaga O_O

kbiez, fauna


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