I’m Hungry

25 May


Low Fat’s latest collection is the epitome (I said “Epitom” instead of “Eh-pot-oh-me” for years… I am a moron) of awesome-ness and utter bliss. FOOD AND FASHION. And they get the food-FASHION-FOOD-FASHION-YAY look way better than I do, what with the egg brooches and strawberry dresses. The only form of food-fashion I’ve ever been exposed to is, well, food on my fashion.

So many unsightly stains to document so many long-gone meals. I wish I could revive that piece of cake. However, I’ll always have it on my t-shirt. Anywho…

The first picture is my expression when I see cupcakes, Latin verbs, or a math book.  The second picture is my face after seeing this collection.

Strawberry dress is AMAZING. And it has a slight CUTE ANIME KAWAII!!!! vibe which is… kind of horrifying. =+=

Yeah, I have a tendency to suffer the same experience when dealing with eggs. Except usually I’m trying my hardest to NOT get yolk all over me, which really speaks for my overall lack of hand-eye coordination and clumsiness.

Fauna. I wonder if Flora died or something?

pictures from lowfatwear.com


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